For those with a creative twist, a broad imagination and talent for drawing,  Pursuing a career in fashion design will be very suitable. An education can be followed on fashion schools. As a fashion designer, you can get started in the confection and fashion industry. The work may consist of compiling and / or designing clothing collections and accessories for clothing production or fashion workshops. It is important to always keep abreast of the latest fashion trends. As a fashion designer, you are every day looking for new fashion trends and decide you might itself be the new fashion, if you are able to design clothes that might appeal to a large audience. The professional fashion designer is very wide and certainly does not have to cover clothing. Clothing accessories also belong in these field.

As a fashion designer, it is also possible to own a business to get started. For this step you will need to do thorough research into the potential, very critical to take your own abilities under the microscope and must have great endurance. The fashion world is not the easiest industry to operate or to penetrate independently.


If you want to work first as a fashion designer have to undergo training as a fashion designer especially if you are in Lagos. It is important that someone is creative in order to practice this profession well. After a full course you can open a fashion store or go work in another fashion house. After the training, you can compose collections and often represent other clothing brands. Perseverance is very important in the fashion industry. Also seeing opportunities is an important part of that. When customers are attracted to a new clothing is very important to be under stress and be able to switch smoothly, because the customer often quickly want to see included clothes.


The fashion industry is very dynamic and versatile. If your designs catches eyes and good comment then you are a successful designer and can look forward to a glorious future. You will find out that of a sudden pages will be filled with your clothes and you come regularly on television. Everyone wants to have your clothes and wear. Of course, this is not for everyone. But nothing is impossible.

The most well-known designers show off their new clothes to the public using models . Designing new clothing generally costs a lot of time, and the result of the new collection is also called the highlight for the clothing designer.

Designing new clothes is definitely not easy. Importantly, the trend of new substances golden eye, and the way of wearing the clothing. The hardest of new clothing is still recognizable making the clothes so that others want to buy the clothes and wear.


There are several training opportunities for professional fashion designer, like the we at Ideal Casuals employee fashion / tailored clothing specialist . Also we have a specialized fashion training institute with different components such as Fashion Design, Fashion and Size Clothing and Fashion Production Coordinator. With the our diploma, you can then also flow well as an established fashion designer. In fashion designing, there are several possible directions in which you can specialize on such as the director of Fashion and Design, and Fashion Management and Fashion and Branding. Some parts will be covered during the training depending on the selected direction, its textile expertise, pattern drawing , drawing, production theory, ICT logistics, international business, marketing, design, brand strategy and design. Our fashion school prepares you for a future in fashion the duration varies depending on your specialty of choice.


Exactly where ca you are work as a fashion designer, and what position can you occupy within the organization will usually dependent on your level of education. But overall, you work as a fashion designer for clothing manufacturers, fashion houses , shops or workshops. Additionally, you can also work as a fashion designer working as an independent entrepreneur and design your own clothing line.


The competencies may vary by education level or employer, but generally we can say that as a fashion designer in the first place you will have a great passion for clothes and the fashion industry and that you have sufficient professional knowledge. In addition, you obviously as a person has to be creative. Because you will need to face in this profession in many customers and colleagues you must have a good communication skills. When you work as an entrepreneur you definitely have a commercial establishment. But the networks within the profession as a fashion designer is very important. Within the fashion world is all about seeing and being seen.


Obtaining a salaried job as a fashion designer is usually not easy. Although the fashion industry is big to mention the jobs are usually scarce. In most cases it will therefore be necessary to first build a reputation before a dream job becomes available for you. There are so many fashion designers who are working as independent entrepreneurs and trying to set up a clothing line. The career opportunities as a fashion designer should therefore be considered in building a big name in the fashion world. A fashion designer who succeeds to break into the fashion industry often grows in all directions without limits.


There are no ways to indicate any specific conditions for this profession because there are different types of businesses you can operate at different levels. A fashion designer with an diploma, employed by a fashion house or store, will usually have a salary between 260,000 and 320,000 Naira gross per month depending on education, age and responsibilities. As a self-employed fashion designer you naturally own the whole income depending on your orders and sales.

Are you a new fashion Designer? Or want to create a career in Fashion? Let us help you in Ideal Casuals we set up fashion businesses.

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